I'm Richard Tubb. Author, Speaker, Advisor.

Hi there, my name is Richard Tubb. Join me on a journey of reflections and new discoveries in personal development and productivity in business. I want to explore with you how technology can help communities, and create positive change in personal and professional lives.


Trusted By

“From the home computer revolution to cloud technology, so many stories to share, so many experiences you can learn from.”

Book Author

With over 30 years in the IT sector, I’ve authored a growing collection of books
helping fellow adventurers forge their unconventional paths!

International Speaker

I’ve learned that once you’ve become a seasoned traveller through the ever-evolving IT landscape, event organisers and audiences will appreciate your tales of triumphs, pitfalls, and the occasional eureka moment.

I’ve had the privilege of sharing my insights in an open Q&A with a small groups, as well as delivering to a room full of people at large conferences. I thrive on connecting with audiences, providing them with real-world, practical advice and leaving them inspired.


Senior Advisor

Having run an IT managed service provider business, I know what it takes to persevere and succeed. For over twenty years, I’ve shared my insights with thousands of IT business owners worldwide through the industry leading website, Tubblog – The Hub for MSPs.

As a result of this experience, I act as a senior advisor and critical friend to leaders, marketing teams and board members within the Managed Services vendor space.

If you’d like to understand how your service or solution can reach more IT managed service providers (MSPs) then I can help you.


Host and moderator

Making connections and creating a sense of belonging is very important to me.

Happily, my journey has led me to hosting diverse events, whether they’re in-person, hybrid, or virtual.

From Ask Me Anything sessions to dynamic virtual summits, I thrive on stimulating conversations. Which is why you will often find me facilitating panel discussions, fireside chats and expert Q&As.

My aim? Charting a road map for MSPs—tackling challenges, sharing best practices, and elevating our industry’s visibility and reputation.